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Rolling Agenda

This document contains a rolling agenda of the meetings of the CC AI WG

Published onOct 23, 2022
Rolling Agenda

27 Sep 2022 @ 18:00 UTC


  • Max Mahmoud Wardeh (CC UK)

  • Janel Thamkul (Google)

  • Kyle MacLean Smith (LexDAO)

  • Paolo Maria Gangi (LexDAO)

  • Eliana Torres


  • Review of outputs

  • Communications and meetings

  • Topics and working documents

Notes & minutes:

Review of outputs

  • Position paper:

    • Author a 1500 to 2000 word position paper to be published on the CC Medium account

    • When: before 31 December 2022

  • Presentation:

    • 30-minute presentation describing the position paper and participate in a Q&A session at a public webinar

    • When: to be organised by CC in 2023

Communications and meetings

  • Communications channels

    • Slack

      • #cc-artificialintelligence channel for day-to-day communication

      • Announcements on #cc-copyrightreform channel & copyright channel

      • Preference for email for meetings and other announcements

  • Meetings

  • PubPub for collaborating on deliverables:

Topics and working documents

Position paper structure:

  • approx 500 words for intro and conclusion

  • approx 1000-1500 word for everything else!

Topics addressed in last position paper:

  • Definition of AI

  • TDM

  • AI and ML Training

  • AI Generations & Creations

  • Authors Collaborating with AI

To be explored:

  • Will the new position paper cover the same topics?

  • What is the review / update process?

  • New topics of interest

    • AI generated sounds

    • OpenRAIL

    • Web3: cryptographic tools to detect whether content is algorithmically generated—what does it mean re copyright filters, tracking usage, etc

    • Copyright of images created by, eg, Midjourney

    • Relationship between NFTs and copyright/CC licenses

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